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Selected Publications

  1. *J. Chikazoe, D. H. Lee, N. Kriegeskorte, *A. K. Anderson (2019) 'Distinct representations of basic taste qualities in human gustatory cortex', Nature Communications 10 (1) [pdf]

  2. *J. Chikazoe, D. H. Lee, N. Kriegeskorte, and *A. K. Anderson, 'Population Coding of Affect across Stimuli, Modalities and Individuals', Nature Neuroscience, 17 (2014), 1114-22. [pdf]

  3. *J. Chikazoe, 'Localizing Performance of Go/No-Go Tasks to Prefrontal Cortical Subregions', Curr Opin Psychiatry, 23 (2010), 267-72. [pdf]

  4.  *J. Chikazoe, K. Jimura, S. Hirose, K. Yamashita, Y. Miyashita, and *S. Konishi, 'Preparation to Inhibit a Response Complements Response Inhibition During Performance of a Stop-Signal Task', J Neurosci, 29 (2009), 15870-7. [pdf]

  5. *J. Chikazoe, K. Jimura, T. Asari, K. Yamashita, H. Morimoto, S. Hirose, Y. Miyashita, and S. Konishi, 'Functional Dissociation in Right Inferior Frontal Cortex During Performance of Go/No-Go Task', Cereb Cortex, 19 (2009), 146-52. [pdf]

  6.  J. Chikazoe, S. Konishi, T. Asari, K. Jimura, and Y. Miyashita, 'Activation of Right Inferior Frontal Gyrus During Response Inhibition across Response Modalities', J Cogn Neurosci, 19 (2007), 69-80. [pdf]

Full Publications

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