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Lab members

Section of Brain Function Information is part of National Institute for Physiological Sciences. This section is led by Prof. Chikazoe in close collaboration with Prof. Sadato's lab (Division of Cerebral Integration, Department of System Neuroscience, National Institute for Physiological Sciences).

Dr. Pham is employed by research funding given to Section of Brain Function Information. He works on the central project in which deep learning and function MRI is combined. Takaaki and Yutaro are grad students conducting the research projects of our lab while being co-supervised by Prof. Sadato.

Haruki, Yukihiro and Ryunosuke are college students who work as the research assistants of Section of Brain Function Information. They work mainly on deep learning projects.

Though Section of Brain Function Information is a small lab, we tackle ambitious projects while redeeming week points such as unstable research funding and resource by collaborating with Prof. Sadato's lab. It is worth noting that grad students can conduct their research with detailed support of the primary investigator (Prof. Chikazoe).

We are seeking enthusiastic PhD students, so, please feel free to ask us if you are interested.

(Email: chikazoe★ (please replace ★ by @)).

Associate professor:Junichi Chikazoe (Click the link for CV)

      Neural correlates of taste in humans

      Combining deep learning and functional MRI

      Currency-like nature of emotion

Post-doc:Quang Trung Pham

                  Combining deep learning and functional MRI

PhD student (D4):Takaaki Yoshimoto

                 Value representations in the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC)

                 Development of biomarkers of mental disorders


PhD student(M1):Yutaro Koyama

      Looking for elementary unit of "mind" by big data analysis on neuroimaging

                  Development of biomarkers of mental disorders

Research assistant: Haruki Niwa

      Neuroimaging data analysis using machine learning technique

Research assistant: Ryunosuke Ishizaki

      Building audio-to-value transformer with deep learning

Research assistant: Yukihiro Kato

      Anatomical and functional neuroimaging data analysis using machine learning

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